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Ann Marie T. Sullivan, M.D., Commissioner
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Community Mental Health Nurse

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You must be licensed and currently registered to practice nursing in New York State, or possess a limited permit to practice nursing in New York State. (You must obtain your New York State license within one year of the date of appointment or action will be taken to remove you from the position.) AND EITHER:

1. a bachelor's or higher degree in one of the areas listed below*; AND two years of professional clinical nursing experience, including at least one year as described below**; OR

2. 30 college credits in the areas listed below* IN ADDITION TO an associate's degree in nursing or completion of a three-year nursing program (attach a copy of your college transcript(s) to your NYS-APP) AND three years of professional clinical nursing experience, including at least one year as described below**.

*Acceptable areas include nursing, health care administration, public administration in a health care area, public health, community mental health, community mental health counseling, psychology, sociology, biology, social work or human services. The 30 credits may include up to two statistics courses. Courses/degrees in the physical education, recreation therapy, English, history, math, anthropology, languages, etc. are NOT acceptable.

**One year of experience in providing direct services to individuals diagnosed with mental illness, mental retardation, developmental disabilities, or alcohol or substance abuse in a COMMUNITY SETTING, e.g., a halfway house, visiting nurse, or a community clinic. SUBSTITUTION: A master's degree in community mental health may be substituted for this experience only.


As a Community Mental Health Nurse, you would work within the framework of a treatment team providing nursing services to individuals diagnosed with mental illness, alcoholism or substance abuse, mental retardation or developmental disabilities, and their caretakers/families. You would visit the individual's home to identify factors in the social, psychological, and physical environment which may contribute to this individual's disability; make recommendations for emergency or continuing care; suggest alternative treatment plans; teach caretakers/family methods of dealing with emergencies; and provide advice on the availability of medical, social, and housing facilities for the individual in the community. You would intervene in crisis situations and administer emergency treatment; engage in treatment modalities such as health teaching, individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy, or milieu therapy as appropriate; work with appropriate community agencies as necessary and ensure a coordinated team treatment plan. You might supervise and counsel paraprofessional and professional personnel in community mental health activities and participate in the staff development and teaching program of the facility.


1. The New York State Education Department’s Office of the Professions is responsible for reviewing applications and granting licensure and registration to practice nursing in New York State. For information on license requirements and to obtain an application form, you may link to the Office of the Professions' Leaving OMH site website. By linking to the Office of the Professions, you will be leaving the Office of Mental Health’s website. To easily return to this site, add us to your favorites or bookmark our site.

2. Loss of New York State licensure or current registration will result in removal from employment.

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