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Office of Mental Health

Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System (CFRS)

Version 29.0 Downloads

Effective: 10/11/2017

CFRS Version 29.0 can be used to create or modify both Calendar Year and Fiscal Year reports (CFR's, Budgets, etc), back to 2002-2003 (or 2003 calendar); and can be used for CFR's up to Fiscal 2017 (and Budgets and Quarterly's up to Fiscal 2019).

CFRS Version 29.0 includes an import feature that allows data to be imported from text files. This will allow you to import financial information from your accounting systems. Use of the data import function is not mandatory; financial information can still be manually entered into CFRS. Tips on how to import a data file and order a free training CD, Importing Data into CFRS.

All providers who receive funding from OMH should consider the new OMH-specific Program Code and Funding Source Code changes, for submissions with reporting periods starting on or after 01/01/2010. You should download the latest version of CFRS and update your CFR or Budget (CBR) as needed.

Before uploading your completed CFR, please check the Software Updates page for recent updates of the software.

There are two versions of the installer for CFRS. Both will install the complete CFRS 29.0 software on your computer. The minimal installer can be used if any Windows version of the CFR software (CFRS) has previously been installed on your computer, including versions 15.0 to 28.0. The full installer includes additional components that may be needed on your system.

Note: There is no difference in what types of submissions or what schedules the two versions can handle. The only difference is that the full installer is generally for first-time installs of CFRS.

Please consider the following notes:

If you already have a Windows version of the CFR software installed on your PC, your specific CFR version can be determined by:

  1. Checking the CFR program loading splash screen, when the program starts.
  2. If the CFR application is already open, then via the menu, located at the top of every CFR page and schedule, select Help, and then check the "About" menu selection.

Additional Downloading Resources

If you are unable to download the CFRS software, please call 1-800-HELP-NYS, then press 2 for assistance, if you are physically located within New York State; if you are located outside of New York State, please call 1-518-474-5554.

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