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Office of Mental Health

Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System (CFRS)

Creating a New CFR Submission

The Basic Steps

  1. Define the Submission
  2. Define the Provider Agency
  3. Define the Program Site(s)
  4. Fill Out the Schedules

Before you begin to use the CFRS software - You will need the following information:

If you do not know all of this information for your Provider Agency, you can either consult the Consolidated Fiscal Reporting and Claiming Manual, or contact your funding State agency’s finance department, before starting your CFR submission.

The contact numbers for the Funding State Agencies are listed below:

Please remember: The State CFRS Help Desk is for software operational-related issues only and will not be able to assist you with gathering, determining, or defining any accounting or agency data for your CFR submission. All financial-related questions should be directed to the State agency which funds your organization.

When you open the CFRS Software, the first screen you will encounter is the "Welcome Screen."

If you are creating a new submission, select that option and then press the "OK" button at the bottom of the "Welcome" box, as noted below.

screen shot of the Creating a new CFRS Submission form

Define the Submission type, reporting period, State funding agencies, and your Provider Agency Code, as noted below:

screen shot of the Defining a CFRS Submission form

Define the Provider Agency. You are required to complete all bold items, as noted below:

screen shot of the Creating a CFRS Agency Definition form

After completing all of the bold fields and any additional fields needed for this Provider Agency, click the "Save" button, as noted above:

screen shot of the CFRS Agency Definition has been saved correctly pop-up confirmation box

Acknowledge the "Process Results" box, by clicking the "Close" button.

If this is an entirely new submission, and you have not previously completed a CFR, you will need to specifically Define your Program Site(s), by selecting "Create a new Program Site".

Otherwise you have the option to "Bring Program Sites forward from previous submissions", or to "Update an existing Program Site".

screen shot of the CFRS Program Site Definition Welcome Screen

Once you have made your selection click on the "Next" button, as noted above:

Create a new Program Site screen. (Program Site Definition)

screen shot of the CFRS Program Site Definition - Creating a new site, or updating a current site

Fill out all of the bold fields and then click on the "Next" button.

If you need to create additional sites, click the "Save" button. Then acknowledge the "Save Successful" box and begin to enter your next site.

Note(s): If you need to add another program to the same site location, then click on the previously entered site. This will automatically enter the site’s Index, Code, Name, and Address data. Depending on the State Agency selected in the "Filter program codes" field, you may need to change the Site Code.

For OMH, you must change the site code used, as each site must have it’s own unique (7) digit site code.

If you do not need to create additional Sites, then click the "Save and Close" button.

Congratulations, you have now created your new submission and defined your Provider Agency and Program Sites

Now you are ready to begin filling out the CFR Schedules.

The CFRS Navigation window will direct you to the first CFRS Schedule necessary to complete. When you complete each schedule, click on the “Go To” button, and the system will automatically redirect you to the next appropriate schedule, for the specific type of submission you are completing.

Tip: When completing schedules, you can bring back the CFRS Navigation window by clicking the "Go To…" button. When the below navigation window is displayed the next appropriate schedule will be noted with arrows in the "Next" column, as seen below:

screen shot of the CFRS Schedule Navigation Screen

The CFRS Navigation screen lists all of the schedules that are expected for your specific submission type.

The schedules listed will vary, depending on the type of submission and the funding state agencies.  Some submission types will require more schedules than other submission types.

The indicator in the "Next" column suggests the next logical schedule that should be filled out. Make your selection, and then click on the "Go" button.

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