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Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System (CFRS)

Network installation (database only) of the CFR Software

Always create and secure a backup of your CFR data before making any changes to your software. If you already have worked on your CFR, either on a stand-alone PC or in a previous networked environment, you should create and secure a backup of your data before running this, or any other update of your CFRS software.

Note: This process should be done by a Network or Systems Administrator, with full administrative privileges on both the network and on each targeted PC. These rights are not required to run the software once it is properly installed.

To install the CFRS software for multiple PC’s, to a shared common Local Area Network (LAN) location:

The CFRS installer asks for the location for the database files, in addition to the location of the program files. This makes it easier to install in a network environment. The recommended method is to install the program files locally on each individual PC, and choose a common location (i.e. a folder on a network drive) for the database files:

  1. Backup the database files if this version of CFRS has been installed previously.
  2. Create a folder on the server where the database files will be installed.
  3. The folder’s name should include the version of the software you are using, i.e. "…\CFRS 15.0\db" or "…\CFRS 16.0\db" and should be different than the location for the program files.
  4. Use one of the following to specify the network location:
    • Determine a drive letter that will be universal to all PC’s when mapping to the server location. Map all participating PC’s to that drive. The same drive letter and folder must be used on each PC (i.e." N:\…\CFRS 15.0\db" or "N:\…\CFRS 16.0\db".
    • Use a UNC path name (i.e. "\\server\share\…\CFRS 15.0\db" or "\\server\share\…\CFRS 16.0\db"). The same path name should be used on each PC.
  5. Beginning with the first PC, launch the CFRS installer. When prompted for the location to install the software, accept the default location (or choose another location on a local drive).
  6. When prompted for the location of the database files, click browse and browse to the LAN location (mapped drive or UNC path).
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each additional PC.
  8. After confirming that all individual PC’s can successfully access and run the software, either begin your new submission, or restore your database, by importing your previously backed up data into the new software, from any one of the PC’s.

    Note: You will only need to import your data from one of the PC’s; once your submission has been successfully imported, each of the PC’s will be able to see and access the submission's data.

    If you have previously completed this network install, and now need to upgrade to the latest version, you should first backup your data, and then run the upgrade (CFRS_*_update.exe) on all of the PC’s. Even though the exe files are on the server, and running the update on one PC will copy the updated files to the server, the install should still be run on each PC. This will ensure that any additional registry entries are created, or new files registered, that may be included in the update. You will not need to import or restore your database. The update will apply updates directly to the database.

Note: Instructions for doing a full network installation (program files and database).

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