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Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System (CFRS)

Preparing your CFR Submission for Upload

Steps & Notes

  1. You need to "Prepare a Submission for Upload," after your submission has passed all validation tests, and before you will be able to upload your submission.
  2. If you have closed the Validation menu box, then select the Utility menu and then select the Validate Submission option.  The CFRS - Validate Submission screen will display, as noted below. Do not revalidate your submission, if it has already been validated, and a DCN has been assigned, unless you have had to change it since it was validated.

    Selecting the Prepare your Submission for Upload button

  3. Click the "Prepare for Upload" button. The CFRS - "Prepare Submission for Upload" screen will display.

    Select the location you would like to save your Upload file to

  4. When prompted, select a destination for the file.  In the interest of maintaining system integrity, and easing potential future tracking or troubleshooting issues, we strongly advise you to accept the default location for your upload file.  However, you do have the option to either store it in the default directory, as displayed in the default path statement, or to select a new location by clicking the "Browse for a New Directory" button, navigating to the desired location, and clicking the "OK" button.

    Note(s):  To set a new location as the default, click the "Set As Default Directory" button. A confirmation box will display.  Click the "OK" button and the new directory will display as the default directory in the top of the screen.

    When you the "Prepare for Upload" button, the system will create a compressed .MDB.CFR file and store it in the specified directory.  When the process is complete, a confirmation message will display.  The message will include the name and location of the file; for example: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Consolidated Fiscal Reporting System\CFRS 12.0\DB\Upload\12345-MiniAb-OMH-[12.0]-04092009100440.mdb.cfr.

    The CFR software will create a separate file for each submission you successfully validate, only after you complete the "Prepare for Upload" process, for each submission.  If needed, you can copy each file to a CD-R/RW or diskette.

  5. Now please read the Instructions for Uploading your completed submission to the CFR web site.

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