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Office of Mental Health


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Strategic Priorities

  1. Social and emotional development and learning form a foundation for success in school, work and in life.
  2. Every action should strengthen our capacity to engage and support families in raising children with emotional health and resilience.
  3. The right service is available at the right time in the right amount.
  4. One Family-One Plan: Ensuring integrated and effective services and supports.
  5. An adequately sized workforce that is culturally competent and steeped in a new paradigm of integrated, family–driven care must be developed and sustained.

Operational Goals

  1. Effectively prepare/support the Division and State, county and voluntary operated clinic programs for restructuring.
  2. Develop a robust series of recommendations for restructuring the children’s ambulatory system.
  3. Establish stronger operational ties between family and youth voice and the work we do.
  4. Improve access to psychiatric consultation.
  5. Review and simplify data reports while incorporating data use into daily activities across the Division.
  6. Develop staff skills in the Children’s Psychiatric Centers and Units via Interdisciplinary Training, PEM Plus and Cultural Competence initiatives.
  7. Improve the education of all young people served by state operated inpatient/outpatient.
  8. Continue to improve transparency and predictability in state/local budget and contracting processes.