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Office of Mental Health

Prescribing Clozapine

  1. Although clozapine is not a first line antipsychotic for patients who respond to other antipsychotics, it is one of the most effective antipsychotics for treatment resistant schizophrenia and use should be considered when indicated.
  2. Definition of non-response can include non-response in one of the following symptom domains: positive, negative, autistic pre-occupation, activation, dysphoric mood, cognitive dysfunction, suicidality, violence and craving for various substances of abuse.
  3. Specific indications, in addition to non-response, for clozapine, all supported by evidence, include psychosis accompanied by violence, suicidal thoughts and/or behavior, polydipsia, and craving for substances (including but not limited to nicotine, alcohol, and cocaine).
  4. To initiate clozapine a physician must register with the clozapine registry if they have not previously done so. Each patient prescribed clozapine must be registered. The following manufacturers supply clozapine and the sites below include information for registering and monitoring requirements.
    1. Novartis Leaving OMH site
    2. Teva Leaving OMH site
    3. Mylan Leaving OMH site
    4. Azur (FazaClo®) Leaving OMH site
  5. Clozapine needs to be monitored according to the guidelines issued by the FDA. See Clozapine Monitoring Requirements Leaving OMH site.

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