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Office of Mental Health

Clinic Standards of Care and Tracer Methodology
2010 Report on Pilot Surveys

Beginning on August 25, 2009, the Bureau of Inspection and Certification (BIC) conducted a series of eleven licensing visits using the newly developed Clinic Standards of Care assessment instrument. The visited clinics had volunteered to participate as pilot sites for the use of the new instrument. BIC's primary goal for the visits was to identify:

The pilots were also designed to provide opportunities for BIC and Field Office staff to work together to ensure consistency in the application of the new standards and the use of the tools and the tracer method. Comments, questions, and suggestions were sought from providers and from OMH staff before, during, and after the pilot visits.

Characteristics of the Visited Sites:

Licensed Clinics
(Three from the Hudson River Region and two from
each of the other regions.)
Auspices: Operated by Not for Profit Corporations (N=4)
Hospital Operated (N=3)
County Operated (N=3)
State Operated (N=1)
Population Served: Adults (N=4)
Children and Adolescents (N=1)
Adults, Children and Adolescents (N=6)
Clinics with satellites (N=4)


Scoring Outcome:

length of Operating Certificates