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Office of Mental Health


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  • Canadian Mental Health Association Employment and Mental Illness Resources Leaving OMH site
    This site offers a number of nice resources for finding and keeping employment. The site offers information on skills development, education upgrading, career decision making, resume writing, job search and employment maintenance.
  • How To Work & Win - Without Worrying About Your Benefits
  • A quick reference guide to make getting back to work easier for people who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. (.pdf - booklet format)
  • Job Access Network Leaving OMH site
    A site of links to various employment opportunities.
  • Job Bank Leaving OMH site
    The NYAPRS Job Bank, a listing of positions available at organizations and agencies in New York State.
  • Living Well with a Psychiatric Disability in Work and School Leaving OMH site
    A resource of the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, this interactive and informative web site addresses issues and reasonable accommodations related to work and school.
  • New York Makes Work Pay Leaving OMH site
    New York Makes Work Pay Initiative provides policy and practice solutions to address New York State's estimated 70% of working-age people with disabilities who are not employed.
  • Ticket to Work Leaving OMH site
    The Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program is an employment program for people with disabilities who are interested in going to work.
  • We Can Work (English Leaving OMH site  | Español Leaving OMH site ) (PDF)
    We Can Work is a grassroots movement that aims to build hope and capacity among people with psychiatric disabilities in New York State to achieve meaningful employment and economic integration.

Financial Management


  • Go Direct Leaving OMH site –have your social security check direct deposited to your own bank or on a pre–paid debit card.


  • Leaving OMH site
    Provides easy access to comprehensive disability–related information and resources.


  • Campaign for Housing Leaving OMH site
    The New York State Campaign for Mental Health Housing is a statewide coalition of mental health providers, consumers, family members, housing developers, social policy experts, legal rights organizations and concerned citizens dedicated to ensuring that people of all ages living with mental illness in New York State have access to safe, affordable housing and the opportunity for an active life in the community.
  • Community Access, Inc. Leaving OMH site
    Community Access has been leading the charge for safe, affordable housing and employment opportunities for individuals with psychiatric disabilities for over 35 years. We are dedicated to helping vulnerable New Yorkers make the transition from homelessness, institutionalization and incarceration to independent living.
  • Help USA Leaving OMH site
    Help USA is one of the country's largest builders and operators of service–enriched transitional and low–income permanent housing.
  • Housing Options Made Easy Leaving OMH site
    A consumer run non-profit agency in the business of providing supported housing, jobs, individual support, and education to individuals challenged with both physical and mental illnesses.
  • New York City Voices Leaving OMH site
    It has become a journal where mental health consumers, ex–patients/survivors, family members, and professional helpers can let their voices be heard, providing mutual support for living the most empowered and independent lives possible. This journal is inclusive of all ideas and opinions which advance the quality of life for people with mental illness and their families.
  • New York State Division of Housing and Community RenewalLeaving OMH site
    The Division of Housing and Community Renewal is responsible for the supervision, maintenance and development of affordable low- and moderate-income housing in New York State.
  • Western NY Independent Living – Erie County Leaving OMH site
    Western New York Independent Living, Inc. family of agencies is a catalyst for systems and Individual change, enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities, while respecting diversity, and promoting choices and alternatives for independent living in our societies.


  • The 5310 program Leaving OMH site provides not–for–profit organizations assistance in the purchase of vehicles to meet the transportation needs of elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.
  • Coordinated Plans by County Leaving OMH site
    The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA–LU) legislation was passed in August 2005. SAFETEA–LU requires that projects selected for funding under the Section 5310 Elderly Individuals with Disabilities Program, the Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program, and the New Freedom Program be “derived from a locally developed, coordinated public transit–human services transportation plan”, and that the plan be “developed through a process that includes representatives of public, private and nonprofit transportation and human services providers and participation by the public.”
  • Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Leaving OMH site
    JARC was established as part of TEA–21 to address the unique transportation challenges faced by welfare recipients and low-income persons seeking to get and keep jobs.
  • Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council Transportation Committee Leaving OMH site
    The Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council, established by Chapter 551 of the Laws of 2002, is responsible for developing a comprehensive Statewide plan to ensure that people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities receive care and services in the most integrated settings appropriate to their individual needs.

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