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Office of Mental Health

Statewide Multicultural Advisory (SMAC)

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Created by the Commissioner of Mental Health in the late 1980s, the Multicultural Advisory Committee advises the Commissioner of Mental Health on policy, programs and activities related to fostering recovery and resiliency among individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds who are diagnosed with mental illness and their families. The Committee makes recommendations to improve understanding of the clinical needs of this population and the design, development, and evaluation of culturally and linguistically appropriate client and family-centered treatment and support services that promote health while eliminating disparities.

Statewide Multicultural Advisory Committee (SMAC) Membership:

  • Nadia Allen
  • Wilma Alvarado-Little
  • Robert Coffman
  • Antoine B. Craigwell
  • Lynne Esquivel
  • Wilfred H. Farquharson IV
  • Laraine Hinson-Spearman
  • Oscar G. Jimenez-Solomon
  • Tina Yun Lee
  • Rebecca Leland
  • Rachel Priest
  • Cynthia Printup-Harms
  • Lenora Reid-Rose
  • Suzanne Stoute
  • Tamarra Taylor-Stratton
  • Cynthia Timms
  • Raul Vazquez
  • Barbara Warren

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