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Office of Mental Health

Trauma Informed Care

A major contribution to efforts to provide person-centered, recovery-based care has been made by scientific advances in our understanding of trauma.

Presentation and Resource Name Form
Literature on Treating Trauma in People with Developmental Disabilities PDF Document
Treating Traumatized Individuals: Neurobiological & Psychological Effects of Trauma PowerPoint Document
Understanding Trauma and Why We Must Address It PowerPoint Document
Trauma Informed Care: Positive Alternatives to Seclusion & Restraint PowerPoint Document
From "What's Wrong?" To "What Happened?": Moving Towards Trauma-Informed Practices and Holistic Approaches! PowerPoint Document
Trauma Informed Care: Part One Leaving OMH site
Responding to Childhood Trauma: The Promise and Practice of Trauma Informed Care Leaving OMH site
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study Leaving OMH site
Organizational Stress as a Barrier to Trauma-Sensitive Change and System Transformation Leaving OMH site
Organizational Stress and Parallel Process PowerPoint Document
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network: Check out the “Treatments That Work” and “Products” tabs! N/A