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Office of Mental Health

Upcoming Training

Trauma-Informed Care
This year's program is specifically designed for inpatient and residential treatment. Though most programs strive to provide trauma-informed care, integrating this relatively new program philosophy is multi-faceted and resource intense. For this reason, EBTDC will offer training and consultation to support these efforts. The program is a blend of an evidence-based treatment, TraumaFocused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), bolstered by an intensive program of consultation to support the development of a trauma-sensitive treatment environment. Intensive, residential treatment settings require this two prong approach to offering effective clinical treatment in an environment that supports and nurtures the development of trauma awareness followed by the acquisition of new skills. The EBTDC intention is systemic in nature and requires applicants to bring a long-term commitment to offering trauma-informed care.

Applications for the 2012 program will be available at this site in Fall, 2011 (the 2011 program is currently underway).

For more information on Trauma-Informed Care, please see the program presentation (PDF), the program description, or contact us.

For more information on Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, please see TF-CBT.

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