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Office of Mental Health

Rochester Psychiatric Center
Children and Youth Services

New York State Office of Children and Family Service Mental Health Unit at Industry (OCFS):

Adolescents who are involved with both the mental health and the juvenile justice systems present a unique challenge relative to their care and treatment. They require an intensively supportive, structured, and therapeutic environment, and involvement with care givers and treatment providers who understand the complexity of needs for the youths' stabilization and habilitation.

The Office of Children and Family Services recognizes that OCFS residents who experience serious emotional disturbance require optimal care during their stay in the Office's residential programs. Emotional disturbance is thought to occur in youth who meet the criteria for a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) psychiatric diagnosis, other than an exclusive diagnosis of conduct disorder (common to all OCFS youth). These youth additionally experience severe functional limitations, in association with the emotional disturbance, in the areas of self-care, family life, social relationships, self-direction/self-control, and/or learning disabilities.

As a result of severe emotional problems, some youth are unable to benefit from the consultative mental health treatment provided to OCFS residents, and have serious difficulty with routine functioning in the general residential population. To meet the needs of these youth specialized Mental Health Units within OCFS residential facilities were established. These programs provide structure, support, and therapeutic programming in small group settings. Staff is specially trained in pertinent areas of mental health intervention, and residents are exposed to enhanced treatment programming designed to facilitate psychiatric stabilization while promoting adaptive, pro-social behavior.

Community Based Children and Youth Services:

Livingston County Children and Youth Intensive Case Management (ICM)

The Children and Youth Intensive Case Management Program is a shared program of the Rochester Psychiatric Center and Livingston County Mental Health Services. It was developed to meet the special needs of seriously emotionally disturbed children and adolescents who are at high risk of repeated or lengthy psychiatric hospitalization. This is an outreach program, and services are individualized to meet the needs of children who may otherwise be inadequately served by the mental health system due to gaps in service delivery or a lack of ability or willingness to engage in traditional services. Case management uses strengths based and recipient-centered practices when assisting youth and their families to develop and maintain the community supports and skills necessary to promote age appropriate levels of functioning and independence. Recipients receive a variety of direct and indirect services aimed at helping maintain the individual in his or her own home and community.

Case Management is an integral component of the mental health service system in New York State and supports the Office of Mental Health's mission to promote hope and recovery for people with psychiatric disabilities. Eligible children and adolescents are identified by the Livingston County Youth Assessment Committee/Single Point of Accountability (SPOA). For further information or to make a referral, please contact the SPOA Coordinator at Livingston County Mental Health Center at (585) 243-7250.

Livingston County Mobile Mental Health Team (MMHT)

The Mobile Mental Health Team's primary mission is to provide crisis intervention services and outreach to the children and youth of Livingston County. The MMHT is funded by the New York State Office of Mental Health and provided to the residents of Livingston County by way of the Rochester Psychiatric Center. The MMHT assists individual youth and their families to develop and maintain the community supports and skills necessary to promote age appropriate levels of functioning and independence and to prevent the unnecessary hospitalization or re-hospitalization of emotionally disturbed youth. In addition to crisis intervention and stabilization services provided directly to youth and their families, the MMHT assists agencies such as school districts, the Departments of Social Services, Probation Bureaus, and other organizations by offering consultation, education and training services on a wide variety of mental health related issues.

Smith Road Community Residence (SRCR)

The Smith Road Community Residence provides a residential home-like setting in which seriously emotionally disturbed youth, ages 12 to 17, can progress toward a return to the home setting, if appropriate, or to a more independent community based living arrangement. Residents appropriate for residing at the SRCR are generally those who have reached a level of stability or recovery in an inpatient or higher level residential setting. The SRCR enables these youth to live with others in a family setting within the community, to attend local schools, and participate in the community's cultural and social opportunities.

For further information regarding any of these programs, please call (585) 241-1200.

Smith Road Community Residence (SRCR) Handbook – English PDF Document (95kb) | Español PDF Document (61kb)
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Anticipated-Steve Schwarzkopf Community Mental Health Center (SCMHC) Children's and Adolcescent Clinic:

The Rochester Psychiatric Center anticipates the opening of a Children and Adolescent Clinic as a component of the already established Steve Schwarzkopf Community Mental Health Center. The Children and Adolescent Clinic is designed to meet the needs of those adolescents who are not able to succeed with traditional mental health services. The clinic will work with adolescents towards recovery with specific focus on those who are homeless, without family supports, have co-occurring disorders, or are involved in the juvenile justice system. The adolescents targeted in this clinic are those who are viewed as high need and difficult to serve by the general community. Referrals for this service can be initiated by other professionals, schools, family members, or self referrals. The clinic will provide a wide range of services including skills development, counseling, case management, and outreach.

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