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Fire Safety Booklets

The Fire Safety Training booklets are designed to be a supplement to the video fire safety training. It is important that staff complete all fire safety videos prior to using these booklets. Each booklet is short and should be available as a reference within each community residence. The intent of these booklets is to reinforce training components, answer basic questions and to provide samples and templates of various forms and checklists.

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Booklet 1 - Self Preservation

This booklet defines self-preservation and evacuation requirements. It describes how to conduct a self-preservation test. It explains how to determine if a resident meets self-preservation requirements. Finally, it provides a sample of a Self-Preservation Test.

Booklet 2 - Evacuation Planning

This booklet goes over the importance of developing a comprehensive house specific evacuation plan. It identifies under what circumstances an evacuation plans should be updated. The booklet contains a filled-out sample of an evacuation plan and provides an Emergency Evacuation Plan template to be used as a starting point.

Booklet 3 - Fire Drills

This booklet identifies the reason for conducting fire drills and provides information on pre-fire drill readiness and steps to follow during a fire drill. It also contains a Fire Drill Report template encompassing all information that should be documented by staff.

Booklet 4 - Fire Prevention

This booklet is one of the most important in the series. It provides detailed information about maintaining a safe home. It also contains a sample of a Weekly Environment Safety Checklist.

Booklet 5 - Fire Safety Equipment

This booklet goes over the requirements for maintaining fire safety equipment. It defines the difference between visual inspection and functional testing. It also contains a template – Weekly Safety Equipment Inspection Form.

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