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Office of Mental Health

New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH)
Division of Forensic Services
Bureau of Institutional and Transitional Services (BITS)

Bureau of Institutional and Transitional Services (BITS) functions include,

  1. designating forensic placements in OMH facilities subsequent to court orders for hospitalization;
  2. providing central office support for the treatment and movement of forensic patients served by OMH facilities, exclusive of SOTPs;
  3. reviewing, on behalf of the Commissioner, applications for patient retention, transfer or discharge and making related recommendations;
  4. working, in collaboration with other State and local agencies, to facilitate training of police, probation, parole, court personnel, and correctional staff who interact with mentally-ill, justice-involved individuals; and
  5. assisting in the transition of inmate-patients from prison back into the community; and
  6. facilitating the implementation of transitional programs such as,
    1. Parole Support and Treatment Program (PSTP), which provides clinical and housing services for homeless parolees with serious and persistent mental illness who have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder and are being released from prison to New York City.
    2. Community Orientation and Reentry Program (CORP), which provides in-reach services for SMI male prisoners leaving Sing Sing Correctional Facility.
    3. Safe Transition and Empowerment Project (STEP), a transitional Intensive Case Management program for women with serious mental illness leaving prison, reentering New York City;
    4. Reentry Coordination System (RCS) in New York, a referral coordination system operated by Center for Urban Community Services (CUCS) for persons with serious mental illness who are returning to New York City from State prison.
    5. OMH Forensic Intensive Case Management (ICM) Team, a forensic ICM team located in NYC to provide transitional case management for select SMI individuals leaving prison and returning to NYC.

Please fax/email all CPL 330.20 and 730 court orders and related documents to either Forensic Bits or (518) 956-9451.