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Office of Mental Health

Flex Funds Desk Guide for Care Coordinators

Within the first 30 days of enrollment provide the family with a copy of the Flex Funds Letter and review this with them.

Flex funds are not an entitlement; expenditures are based on need and to increase a child and family capacity to meet Waiver goals and objectives.

Help the family to research and avail themselves of resources in the community and document that this was done.

Flex funds provide temporary assistance to the child and family. A plan must be developed for how the family will ultimately manage without flex funds if the need is on-going. This plan must be documented in the service plan.

Flex funds must directly support the Waiver child’s goal or objective. For instance, the goal could be to provide the Waiver child a safe environment; an objective for that goal could be for the mother to have the broken door lock replaced; the method could be ICC will assist mother in replacing broken door lock using flex funds to pay for the replacement.

Proposed flex funds usage must be documented in the methods section of the service plan and must state what the money will be spent on. In emergency situations, this documentation can be added to the service plan after it occurs.

Whenever flex funds are used, the amount spent, the related goal/objective and what the money was spent on must be described in a progress note.

A flex funds usage tracking sheet must be included in the case record.

Maintain receipts for all flex fund expenditures.

Gift cards: If your agency uses gift cards, the family must read and sign an acknowledgment, submit an itemized receipt and return the gift card if any funds remain on it. If the receipt is not submitted, the family will not be eligible to receive future gift cards.

Purchase Orders: If your agency uses purchase orders, original receipts must be attached to the purchase order; tax exempt forms can be used; most stores will not allow the use of a purchase order without a waiver staff being present to sign it.

Flex funds cannot be used for such things as: rent, purchasing cars or houses, and capital improvements for the enhancement of the value of home and property unless such enhancements relate to the safety of the Waiver child. Flex funds cannot be used to pay for staff/workers meals, entrance fees, etc. when accompanying a child or family member.

Appropriate uses of flex funds include such things as: food, clothing, school supplies, items associated with skill building or other Waiver service activities, special therapies like equine therapy, memberships, utilities on an emergency basis; medical, dental and optical care and supplies, security deposits on home rentals, cab fares, and home repairs that are safety related like repairing broken windows and locks, repairing/replacing broken stoves, essential plumbing and electrical repairs (note: the ICC must get several estimates on work costs).


The Flex Funds Approval Form PDF Document (found in the Waiver Guidance Document Chapter 400.6) is to be used and maintained in the child's case record.