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Office of Mental Health

Home and Community Based Services Waiver
Guidance Document
Division of Children and Families


Roles and Responsibilities: Local Government Units (LGU) Responsibilities


The Local Government Unit’s responsibilities include the:

One of the Level of Care signatories must be the LGU or his/her designee. Both Level of Care signatories must meet the following qualifications: The signatory must be a psychiatrist, psychologist, registered nurse or nurse practitioner licensed in NYS, Licensed Master Social Worker, Clinical Social Worker or Certified Social Worker with a minimum of three years experience serving children or adolescents with serious emotional disturbances. Both signatories must meet the above criteria; however, if there are extenuating circumstances whereby one member does not meet the above criteria, the LGU must make a request to OMH central office in writing and an exemption may be granted by OMH. Copies of such exemptions are maintained at the OMH Central Office. An example of a situation which could be approved for exemption would be a social worker with a master's in social work who is not licensed but has the prerequisite years of experience. Another example would be an individual who does not meet the above academic criteria but who does have a bachelor's degree in human services and five years serving children or adolescents with serious emotional disturbances. If signature changes need to be made to the LGU staff designated to sign the LOC and SP forms please use this Level of Care Update Form.PDF Document

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