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Office of Mental Health

Home and Community Based Services Waiver
Guidance Document
Division of Children and Families


Wait Lists


When an ICC Agency’s HCBS Waiver Program has reached capacity (i.e., all slots are occupied), the child waiver applicant is placed in an alternate level of care by the SPOA and is put on a wait list. When a child is put on a wait list, s/he must be provided with an estimated date of the start of the enrollment process. The SPOA assures that alternate, interim services are offered.

Length of List: The Wait List may not exceed more than half the ICC Agency’s approved HCBS Waiver capacity, e.g., the Wait List for an ICC Agency which is approved to serve 16 children may have 8 children.

Priority/Assignment on Wait List:
Prioritization is needs-based and is re-evaluated periodically as new children enter the queue or the mental health status of children on the list changes. In addition to meeting all Waiver criteria, the following is weighed in the prioritization process:

Priority 1:

Priority 2: (Three of the following must apply)

Priority 3: (Three of the following must apply)

Priority 4: