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Office of Mental Health

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): HIPAA

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We strongly encourage providers and counties to consult with their own lawyers and HIPAA officials or contact their trade association's HIPAA expert for advice on specific local HIPAA requirements.

We are unable to provide individual responses to questions. Moreover, this site is not the place to file a complaint regarding a HIPAA violation. For information about filing HIPAA complaints, please review the Notice of Privacy Practices given to you by your treatment provider or, contact the Office of Civil Rights within the federal Department of Health and Human Services at Leaving OMH site

The FAQ page is limited to general questions and answers about HIPAA. If you have a question or concern about other mental health issues, a specific provider, or about your own or a family member's care and treatment and wish to talk to an OMH representative, please call OMH Customer Relations toll-free at 1-800-597-8481.