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Office of Mental Health

The New York State Clinical Records Initiative (NYSCRI) Form Set Version 2.0 (Current Version 3.0)

NYSCRI Manual : This document provides guidance including: using the form set; key foundational concepts including medical necessity; detailed exploration of particular sections (e.g. signatures; billing strip; incident to; etc.); clinical resources; and project history.

NYSCRI Guidance Document: Update for Version 2.0 (Revised September 2014) As part of NYSCRI’s ongoing quality improvement process we review regulatory and accrediting body standards as well as user feedback to keep the form set current.

The changes or updates in regulation and standards listed via this link comprise an interim update of the NYSCRI form set Version 2.0 (revised Nov. 2012). In order to support providers in maintaining appropriate documentation guidance is included to prompt integration of new data elements and responses within the NYSCRI form set as it currently stands; the form set will not be changing at this time to incorporate these elements. Please note, the changes in the attachment are organized by type of regulatory/accrediting body.

Waiver Extension for NYSCRI Users (selected OMH programs) to Place Diagnosis in Assessment (Section 587.16)

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to Jon Rice (OMH)

While NYSCRI strives for accuracy, neither NYSCRI, OMH or OASAS (relative to Version 2.0 or prior work)   warranties NYSCRI’s products as being compliant with any laws, rules or regulations. These resources may be used voluntarily as supports to meet such requirements though providers are responsible for the services delivered, content documented and billing completed, independent of any NYSCRI resources being utilized.