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Prior Approval Review
Applications and Review Categories

If you are not able to access these forms in the formats provided, you may contact the Bureau of Inspection and Certification for assistance. The review category table contains a list of projects by category.

10/10 Comprehensive Application for Prior Approval Review PDF Document (1.06mb) You can fill in the required fields on the form and print it out, but you must have Adobe Acrobat Professional to save the form. You can also print out the form, and then fill it in by hand or with a typewriter.

E-Z PAR Reviews include proposals made by the operators of existing Office of Mental Health (OMH) certified programs for the establishment of new programs or changes to existing programs including capital projects of less than $600,000. These projects usually have fewer implications for the service system than comprehensive review applications. The local government unit should issue a letter of support for the project before an E-Z PAR application is submitted. As of December 15, 2010, OMH converted from a paper process to a fully electronic process. This means that applicants filing an E-Z PAR Application electronically will no longer need to submit 6 paper copies. E-Z PAR Applications should be submitted through the Mental Health Provider Data Exchange (MHPD) system.

5/10 Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) Application PDF Document (859kb). The PROS fiscal tool must be included with your submission as requested in Section G of the PROS PAR application. Please contact your local OMH Field Office for a copy of the tool.
The document for completing the PROS PAR application offers assistance in those areas that have been most challenging for providers. While it does not address every section of the PAR, it is recommended that providers review the document before submitting the application.

To be able to successfully complete the application you need to have Part 551 of the regulations plus the following:

  • Outpatient Projects - Parts 508, 512, 587, 588, 599
  • Inpatient Projects- Parts 580, 582, 584
  • Residential Adult Projects- Parts 593,595
  • Residential Children and Youth Projects- Parts 593, 594
  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) Projects- Parts 590, 591

Sample Letters of Intent:

Sample Letter of Support:

NYC Applicants should send letters of intent to:

PARs for Adults only or for both Adults and Children/Adolescents:

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDOHMH)
Attn: Inara Belmar, Project Director
Gotham Center
42-09 28th Street, 19th floor
Queens, NY 11101-4132

PARs for Children/Adolescents only:

Attn: Renee McMillan, Project Director
Gotham Center
42-09 28th Street, 19th floor
Queens, NY 11101-4132

Specifics for the NYC Crisis Intervention and Non-Business Hours Assistance Plans PDF Document (68kb).

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Bureau of Inspection and Certification.