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Through the Office of Planning, the Office of Mental Health (OMH) conducts and helps to guide broad-based, multifaceted planning processes and provides reports to the public, the executive branch and the legislature as part of this process.

The “5.07” Planning Process

Section 5.07 of New York State Mental Hygiene law requires a statewide comprehensive planning process involving each separate office of the Department of Mental Hygiene– Office For People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), and OMH–and coordination of planning at a local level through the Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Leaving OMH site (CLMHD). The planning process is often referred to as the “5.07” planning process.

Under the Mental Hygiene Law, the planning process begins with statewide goals and objectivesPDF Document ( 505kb) through collaboration with the Behavioral Health Services Advisory Council (BHSAC). The counties, including New York City, then develop priorities and plans consistent with these goals and objectives. The local planning process includes consumers, families, providers, local criminal justice agencies, and other stakeholders in the development of local service plans consistent with the goals and objectives.

These plans serve as a foundation for statewide planning and are informed by input from a number of other sources. These sources include policy advisory boards, oversight bodies, the courts, the legislature, stakeholder groups, and professional and trade associations. Specifically, within OMH, the Office of Planning regularly meets with and seeks planning expertise and guidance from its policy advisory boards, including the Regional Advisory Committee, the Multicultural Advisory Committee, and Boards of Visitors.

Additionally, OMH has a federal mandate to plan and evaluate its services according to the provision of the Public Health Services Act. This Act (usually referred to as PL-9960) governs state receipt of Federal Block Grant Funding. In New York State, OMH relies upon the Mental Health Planning Advisory Council to guide its policy development and planning efforts in satisfaction of the federal mandate.

Once gathered and analyzed, all of the input gathered through local planning processes and from various stakeholder groups is used to develop and monitor the implementation of priorities and strategies to attain the goals and objectives. The online County Planning System Leaving OMH site is a tool used by all three Mental Hygiene agencies to help integrate and coordinate planning at the state and local levels and to develop annual five-year comprehensive 5.07 plans. This planning process will address the concerns identified by the Mental Health Services Council and other stakeholder input concerning the planning process.

Other important bodies involved in local planning include the Inter-Office Coordinating Council Leaving OMH site (IOCC) and the Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council Leaving OMH site (MISCC). The IOCC plays a vital role in coordinating certain activities of the three Mental Hygiene agencies. The members of the IOCC are the Commissioners of the three agencies, one of whom acts as Chairperson. The Office of Planning works closely with its sister agencies in advancing the mission of the IOCC.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Office of Planning.