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Office of Mental Health

Statewide Comprehensive Plan 2010 – 2014

October 1, 2010

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Statewide Comprehensive Plan 2010 – 2014 graphic
OMH Strategic Framework.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Recovery and Resilience: The Foundation for Planning

Chapter 2
Facilitating Recovery and Resilience

Chapter 3
Adult Services

Chapter 4
Services for Children and Families

Chapter 5
Local Planning and Priority Setting

Chapter 6
Maintaining Quality: Quality Management, Accountability, Performance Management, and Health Information Technology

Chapter 7
Toward Recovery Transformation

Directory of Programs and Initiatives that People Say Are Making a Difference

Appendix 1
Analysis of Cultural and Linguistic Capacity and Needs across the New York State Mental Hygiene Agencies

Appendix 2
Summary of Refinements to the Strategic Framework

Appendix 3
Adult Services Initiatives Aimed at Enabling Communities to Support Recovery, Resiliency and Transformation

Appendix 4
Initiatives for Children and Families

Appendix 5
Input into the Statewide Comprehensive Plan for Mental Health Services

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