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Office of Mental Health

Emergency Departments and Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Programs
Recorded Webinars

The Psychiatric Services and Clinical Knowledge Enhancement System (PSYCKES) team conducts live on-line seminars (webinars) for PSYCKES users and clinicians, during which attendees can ask questions (see calendar). Recorded versions of the webinars are available to view anytime.  The following recorded webinars are relevant to Emergency Departments and Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Programs (CPEPs):

Title Description Materials Date Recorded
Using SMS to Grant PSYCKES Access Provides an overview of the Security Management System (SMS), the Web-based application that agencies use to authorize staff members' access to certain New York State Office of Mental Health Web applications, including PSYCKES. Using SMS Slides (595kb) February 4, 2011
Using PSYCKES for Clinicians Provides an introduction to the clinical use of PSYCKES. Reviews the procedures for logging in and searching for clients, the information available in the Clinical Summary, and the process of using the Consent Module to enable access to client data. Using PSYCKES for Clinicians Slides (7.7mb) August 15, 2012
PSYCKES Consent Module Leaving OMH site Provides an overview of the PSYCKES Consent Module and the procedures for obtaining client consent. With consent, or in a clinical emergency, the Consent Module is used to enable access to individual data for clients without a quality flag and/or with no Medicaid billing history at the provider. It is the only way to access client data with special federal and state protections (substance abuse, HIV, family planning, and genetic information). PSYCKES Consent Module Slides  (5mb) April 25, 2013
PSYCKES Access and Implementation for Behavioral Health Inpatient Providers The webinar is designed for staff who are responsible for managing implementation of PSYCKES in behavioral health inpatient settings. It reviews the steps required for institutions to obtain authorization for access to PSYCKES, and the procedures for granting staff access to PSYCKES using the New York State Office of Mental Health on-line Security Management System. It also covers the best practices for implementing PSYCKES in inpatient settings. PSYCKES Access and Implementation Slides (3.5mb) January 6, 2012
Using PSYCKES for Managers and Administrators Leaving OMH site Reviews the PSYCKES tools for managing PSYCKES use at your organization: monitoring staff use of PSYCKES, inserting agency/hospital information into the PSYCKES consent form, and determining whether clients are consented and who has viewed their clinical information. Relevant functions in the Usage Reports, Consent Module and Recipient Search are covered. Please contact PSYCKES-Help for slides. June 18, 2013
Using PSYCKES: Train the Trainer Leaving OMH site Prepares attendees to deliver hands-on PSYCKES training to other PSYCKES users. Reviews the competencies to be taught and the key information to be communicated. Please contact PSYCKES-Help for slides. February 26, 2013

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