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Readmissions Quality Collaborative
Recorded Webinars

The Psychiatric Services and Clinical Knowledge Enhancement System (PSYCKES) team conducts live on-line seminars (webinars) for PSYCKES users and clinicians, during which attendees can ask questions (see calendar). Recorded versions of the webinars are available to view anytime.  The following recorded webinars are relevant to the Readmissions Quality Collaborative:

Title Description Materials Date Recorded
Webinar: PSYCKES Mobile App for iPhones & iPads This webinar will provide training on the PSYCKES mobile app, including how to install the app, login, look-up a client, and access the Clinical Summary.
PSYCKES Mobile App for iPhones & iPadsPDF Document May 23, 2017
Using PSYCKES: Train the Trainer Leaving OMH site This webinar highlights strategies and tips for how individuals can train other staff within an organization on the use of PSYCKES. Reviews core features of PSYCKES, identifies core competencies, and models training approaches. PSYCKES Train the Trainer* PDF Document November 16, 2016
Using PSYCKES for Clinicians Leaving OMH site This webinar provides an in-depth review of the client information available in the Clinical Summary, as well as an introduction to PSYCKES functions often used by clinicians: logging in, searching for clients, and using the PHI Access Module to enable access to client data. Using PSYCKES for Clinicians* PDF Document November 3, 2016
Using PSYCKES Recipient Search Leaving OMH site This webinar provides a review and demonstration of the Recipient Search functionalities. Recipient Search is used to search for individual recipients as well as to conduct flexible searches for cohorts of interest. Example group searches include recipients in a particular age group, AOT status, HARP status, Health Home enrollment, behavioral health or medical diagnosis, medication, service setting, etc. Using PSYCKES Recipient Search Slides* PDF Document November 3, 2016
The PSYCKES PHI Access Module Leaving OMH site This webinar provides an overview of the PSYCKES PHI Access Module, with a focus on features relevant to provider agencies/hospitals. The PHI Access module enables access to client data with special protections (substance use, HIV, family planning, and genetic information). The webinar will review the procedures for obtaining client consent and various levels of access to client information in PSYCKES. The PSYCKES PHI Access Module SlidesPDF Document October 27, 2016
HARP-Enrolled, Not Health Home Enrolled Quality Flag Leaving OMH site This webinar provides a review and demonstration of the new quality measure and flag that has been added to PSYCKES called “HARP-Enrolled, Not Health Home Enrolled.” Attendees will learn how to use My QI Reports and Recipient Search to identify clients who meet criteria for this flag. HARP-Enrolled, Not Health Home Enrolled Quality Flag* PDF Document October 18, 2016
PSYCKES Access and Implementation Leaving OMH site This webinar provides a review of best practices for implementing PSYCKES, procedures for granting staff access to PSYCKES using the Security Management System (SMS), procedures for attesting to ability to view client level data (e.g., client consent), and how to obtain agency/hospital-level access to PSYCKES.
Recommended for: those who will be responsible for managing implementation of PSYCKES in clinical or care coordination settings.
PSYCKES_Access_and_Implementation SlidesPDF Document October 4, 2016
Root Cause Analysis Training Webinar Leaving OMH site Recommended for any staff who will be involved in conducting the Readmissions Root Cause Analysis. Reviews the procedures for identifying a sample of patients, conducting chart reviews, and using PSYCKES to support the analysis. Discusses strategies for effectively interviewing patients and caregivers. Please contact PSYCKES-Help for slides. March 16, 2015
Using PSYCKES for Managers and Administrators Leaving OMH site Reviews the PSYCKES tools for managing PSYCKES use at your organization: monitoring staff use of PSYCKES, inserting agency/hospital information into the PSYCKES consent form, and determining whether clients are consented and who has viewed their clinical information. Relevant functions in the Usage Reports, Consent Module and Recipient Search are covered. Please contact PSYCKES-Help for slides. October 17, 2013
Using PSYCKES to Support Quality Improvement (for the Readmissions Collaborative) Leaving OMH site Developed for the Phase 1 Readmissions Collaborative.Reviews the main areas of the PSYCKES application: the quality improvement indicators, recipient search, the clinical summary and the consent module. Focuses on how these PSYCKES functions can support quality improvement activities related to reducing readmissions. Please contact PSYCKES-Help for slides. March 20, 2013
Using SMS to Grant PSYCKES Access Leaving OMH site Provides an overview of the Security Management System (SMS), the Web-based application that agencies use to authorize staff members' access to certain New York State Office of Mental Health Web applications, including PSYCKES. Using SMS Slides* PDF Document February 4, 2011

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