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Office of Mental Health

Addendum to RFP
Section 5.6 Operating Funding

Operating Funding

Under NY/NY III, SP-SRO programs are budgeted annually at a current gross program level of $18,338 per bed. Of this amount, approximately $11,868 per bed can be budgeted to on-site services and supports and $6,470 per bed may be budgeted towards property expenses (non-debt service).

SP-SRO programs are funded annually through a combination of 30% of client income (SSI Living Alone rate at $2,329 per person, assuming an 85% collection rate) and current OMH net deficit funding of $16,009 per bed.

Contractors awarded operating funding through this RFP may request a one time Program Development Grant (PDG) to fund furniture purchases, household supplies and other costs necessary to develop the housing.