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Office of Mental Health

Supported Housing For Adult Home Residents
Request For Proposal

The New York State Office of Mental Health announces the availability of funds, over three phases, for the development and operation of up to 4,500 units of Supported Housing. The development of these Supported Housing units as outlined in this RFP is pursuant to a Remedial Order and Judgment entered by the United States District Court for the Eastern District on March 1, 2010 in and action known as Disability Advocates, Inc. v Paterson, et al., 03-CV-3209. The Supported Housing units to be developed under this RFP are for a defined population; adults living in one of 28 identified Adult Homes within four counties of New York City.

Request For Proposal (PDF)

Appendix A: Remedial Order And Judgment Leaving OMH site (PDF)

Appendix A1: Order Appointing Monitor Leaving OMH site (PDF)

Appendix B: List of Impacted New York State Department of Health Licensed Adult Care Facilities or Residences for Adults (PDF)

Appendix C: Groupings of Adult Homes (PDF)

Appendix D: Agency Transmittal Form (PDF)

Appendix E: Operating Budgets Year 1, 2 and 3 (PDF)

Appendix E1: Budget Narrative(PDF)

Appendix F: OMH Standard Boiler Plate Contract (PDF)

Questions and Answers
Notice – Please note that question 12 highlights an error on the Agency Transmittal Form (Appendix D) which includes language that should have been deleted from the form, and that bidders do not have to respond to. Please also make note of question number 47 which outlines the need for bidders to submit separate budgets for each grouping they are bidding on.

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