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Office of Mental Health

NY/NY III Supported Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness

The New York State Office of Mental Health announces the availability of funds for the development and operation of 250 units of Supported Housing for adults with serious mental illness in New York City under the NY/NY III Agreement. Funding is available to provide rental assistance, contingency funds, and support services for NY/NY III Population A and Population B. Population A is defined as chronically homeless single adults who have a serious mental illness or who are diagnosed as mentally ill and chemically addicted (MICA). For the purpose of this RFP, a chronically homeless person is one who has spent at least one of the last two years in a homeless shelter or on the street (the RFP targets 150 units for this population). Population B is single adults presently living in OMH state operated psychiatric centers or state operated community residences or transitional residences. These are individuals who could live independently in the community if provided with supported housing and who would be at risk of street or sheltered homelessness if discharged without supported housing (the RFP targets 100 units for this population).

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