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Office of Mental Health

Statewide Suicide Prevention Initiatives for Local Communities
Questions and Answers

  1. Page 8-4.2.2 Financial Assessment, I don’t understand explanation.
  1. To answer the question you take the lowest bid and divide each bid received by the lowest bid and then multiply the result by 20. This will give the lowest bidding agency a total of 20 points and all others will be based on how close the bid is to the lowest. (Example lowest bid is $50k, bid looking at is $75k ($50k/$75k x 20 = 13.40)).
  1. How do you envision working with Behavioral Health Organizations (BHOs)?
  1. We would like to offer them a full range of suicide prevention,intervention and postvention services including Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), a Suicide Awareness program (SAFEtalk), a three hour Suicide Awareness course that teaches people  how to Question, Persuade and Refer people with thoughts of suicide, (QPR).

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