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Office of Mental Health

Electronic Medical Records System (EMR)
Request For Proposal (RFP)

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is accepting bids for the implementation of an Electronic Medical Records system (EMR) at all OMH Facilities and Outpatient Locations. The OMH requires that the EMR be based on the open-source VistA platform developed by the U.S. Veterans Administration.

The most recent change/update is below. See past changes/updates.

4/27/2012: Update

Bidder On-Site Solution Demonstrations:
  • OMH has made revisions to the Scenario Demo Scripts that were originally provided with the EMR RFP Exhibit 1. The new, shortened and renumbered scripts are provided here Excell Document (111kb). A listing of the steps that were removed is provided here Excell Document (25kb). PLEASE NOTE: While the scripts themselves have been shortened due to the removal of several script steps, all but one of the Requirements associated with those script steps are still part of the EMR RFP Core Functions. Bidders will not be expected to demonstrate the script steps that were removed during the On-site Bidder Solution Demonstration, but the EMR Contractor will be required to provide the functionality associated with the removed script steps during the execution of the EMR Project with the exception of the script step formerly known as "IP-94" which had been associated with the now-removed "Ward Journal Functionality" Requirement ADT-35 (see: 3/27/2012: Update). For Bidders that are eligible to present a Bidder On-site Solution Demonstration, please be certain that the version of the Scenario Demo Scripts upon which the demonstrations are based say "REVISED: April 23rd, 2012" in the footer at the lower right of the printed script page.
  • We are allocating time for OMH staff Q&A between each major section at the discretion of OMH. For example, Bidders should expect to pause between the demonstration of the Inpatient Scenario section A. Admission Referral Work and Data Flow and the demonstration of the Inpatient Scenario section B. Forms, Shells, Template Customization Process to allow OMH evaluators to ask questions of the Bidder.
  • For each scenario (Inpatient, Outpatient, Pharmacy and Lab) the Bidder must indicate which script step number is being demonstrated.
  • For each script step number being demonstrated, the Bidder must indicate whether the content is being demonstrated on an actual system or is a wireframe or other simulation.
Bidder Executive Presentation
  • OMH is requiring Bidders that are eligible to perform an Executive Presentation to include a brief software demonstration. OMH will post detailed specifications for the demonstrations at a later date.

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