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Office of Mental Health

Electronic Medical Records System (EMR)
Request For Proposal (RFP)

3/27/2012: Update

  • No-Bid: If you know your company does not intend to Bid on the EMR RFP, the OMH requests that you submit the No-Bid Reply form as soon as possible.
  • Onsite Bidder Solution Demonstrations: The OMH recognizes that some flexibility in the time allotted for each scenario (Inpatient, Outpatient, Pharmacy, and Lab) of the On-Site Bidder Solution Presentations may be desirable for some Bidders to meet the mandatory presentation requirements set forth in Section 4.12.1 and Exhibit 1 of the EMR RFP. To account for this, the OMH will accept email requests for different timing allocations by Friday, 4/27/12 to the EMR RFP mailbox. The OMH will reply within 10 business days of receipt of the request. Such requests should include the Bidder's proposed adjustment to the Scenario presentation timing, (e.g., "Add one hour to the Inpatient scenario and shorten the Outpatient Scenario by one hour") but should not exceed the fourteen total hours (with appropriate question and answer periods) allowed as stated in Section of the EMR RFP. Acceptance of such requests will be at the OMH's discretion. As a reminder, the flexibility in time allocations for scenarios does not extend to the content requirements of Section 4.12.1 and Exhibit 1. Bidders should include all of the requirements from Exhibit 1 Scenario Demo Scripts EXCEPT IP-94 (see the following bullet point, below) in their presentations.
  • In the RFP Website update of 3/5/12, under "Updates to Exhibit 17 Requirements Traceability Matrix:" item #3., the OMH informed Bidders that requirement ADT-35 had been updated to remove RN Ward Journal functionality from the requirement. It was recently discovered that a step in the Exhibit 1 Scenario Demo Scripts (Step IP-94 in the Inpatient Scenario) required a demonstration of RN Ward Journal functionality. As the OMH no longer requires RN Ward Journal functionality, Bidders are not required to demonstrate this Functionality and are expected to omit the demonstration of step IP-94 in Exhibit 1 Scenario Demo Scripts.

3/6/2012: Update

As stated at the EMR pre-Bid Conference, OMH is providing the following links to Minority and Women Owned Businesses Information:

3/5/2012: Update

OMH Response to Bidder Questions: PDF Document (134kb)
All Questions submitted by potential EMR Bidders and their accompanying OMH responses are contained in this EMR RFP Q and A document. Questions are posted exactly as they were received; OMH has made no corrections to spelling or grammar.

OMH Outpatient Services Recording Manual: PDF Document (2.4mb)
The following document, referenced in the OMH response to Bidder Question numbers 30 and 39, is provided here to assist Bidders with the preparation of their Bid:

Pre-Bid Conference Day 1 Transcript:
OMH has made minor clarifications to the original transcriber's version to correct the spelling of names and other, non-material modifications; this version is available here PDF Document (526kb).

The original version of the transcript, as certified by Alexy Transcribing, is available here PDF Document (536kb).

Updates to Exhibit 17 Requirements Traceability Matrix:

  1. For the most current version of Exhibit 17, click here Excell Document (85kb). In order to clarify and emphasize that all EMR Core Functions in Exhibit 17 Requirements Traceability Matrix are Mandatory Requirements, the OMH has updated several instances of the word "should" to "shall" and several instances of the word "may" to "shall". Please use the current version of Exhibit 17 for your Bid Submission. The changed requirement numbers and their associated requirement categories are:

    Changed "Should" to "Shall":

    • PRV-02 (Provider Management)
    • PRV-03 (Provider Management)
    • SVC-05 (Service Recording)
    • INT-34 (Interface/Migration, Patient Record)
    • CPR-23 (Patient Record)
    • CPR-46 (Patient Record)
    • CPR-47 (Patient Record, ADT)

    Changed "May" to "Shall"

    • SCH-20 (Clinician Scheduling, Patient Record)
    • EDU-02, #s 1 and 2 (Education, Interface/Migration, Printing)
    • CPR-22 (Patient Record)
    • CPR-53 (Patient Record, Interface/Migration)
  2. Additionally, the OMH has removed a table, listing numbers for "Mandatory", "Desirable" and "Optional" requirements, from the "Counts by Category" tab of Exhibit 17. This was an artifact from a pre-release version of the RFP, and none of the Requirements/Core Functions in any released version of Exhibit 17 Requirements Traceability Matrix shall be construed to be anything other than a "Mandatory" requirement.
  3. An update to Requirement ADT-35 has removed the requirement to provide RN Ward Journals in order to support SOMTA processes. The new requirement ADT-35 reads: "The system shall support SOMTA Pre-admission/Admission evaluations by providing the ability to maintain facility statistics, census, discharge record review tracking and reporting, and scheduling."

2/22/2012: Update

  • The OMH has received inquiries from Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) about contact information for potential bidders. The OMH collected this data with approval from eligible bidders and compiled it in a spreadsheet Excell Document.

2/10/2012: Update

  • Updated Events Listing PDF Document (36kb)
  • The RFP has also been updated as follows to reflect changes:
    • Section 1.6 Written Questions revised to read: All questions regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing via Survey Monkey by the dates defined in the Section 7.2 Event Dates.
    • Section 7.4.1 How Technical Proposals Are To Be Prepared revised to read: All Bidders, in order for their Bid Proposal to be considered for award, must submit a Technical Proposal using the following format (there is no page limit unless otherwise indicated). Utilize and submit the "Technical Proposal Checklist" as the cover page for the original set.
    • Section 7.4.2 How Financial Proposals are to be Prepared revised to include: Utilize and submit the "Financial Proposal Checklist" as the cover page for the original set.

1/26/2012: Update

(Added Attachment S1 PDF Document (496kb) and Updated Exhibit 17 Excell Document)
In order to correct the omission of a form that is required to be submitted with the Technical Proposal, the OMH has updated the RFP to include Attachment S1: Mandatory Qualifications Detail Form – Firm.

The RFP has also been updated as follows to reflect this addition:

  • On page 23, Section 3.1 Contractor Eligibility now reads: "To be eligible for consideration of Contract award, the Bidder must include the following with the proposal on Attachment S1: Mandatory Qualifications Detail Form – Firm".
  • The following text has also been added to page 23, Section 3.1 Contractor Eligibility: "The following Mandatory Requirements relate to the Firm's historical relationship with the Veterans Affair's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) office and must be addressed in the Executive Summary portion of the Technical Response. (see: 7.4.1 How Technical Proposals are to be Prepared)
  • The RFP Table of Contents has been renumbered from pages 184 to end to reflect insertion of the two-page Attachment S1.
  • On the current page 195, the "Appendix A table of Contents" has been renumbered as a result of the insertion of the two-page Attachment S1.
  • A comment/artifact from the OMH's RFP review process that appeared on page 24 ("Discuss: the 5 year requirements above??? What % of experience??") has been removed.
  • On page 116, in Section 7.4.1 How Technical Proposals are to be Prepared, list item number 11 has been updated to say: "11. Attachment S: Mandatory Qualifications Detail Form for each of the six Key Staff and Attachment S1: Mandatory Qualifications Detail Form – Firm"
  • On page 139, in Section 9. Library of Attachments and Forms, a table row was inserted to include "Attachment S1: Mandatory Qualifications Detail Form – Firm".

OMH is also providing an updated, Requirements Traceability Matrix as exhibit17Update.xlsx (Click hyperlink to download the form only.) The hyperlinked reference to the Requirements Traceability Matrix in the RFP document has been updated to reflect this. The following change was made to the Requirements Traceability Matrix since the RFP was originally released:

  • Column G "Location of Functionality in bidder's proposed solution (e.g., Screen, Report, Process Name, 3rd Party)" has been removed as the OMH does not require this information with the bid.

1/13/2012: Update (Reiteration)

The OMH has received several inquiries about non-VA VistA based solutions. Please be advised OMH will not entertain alternative, non-VistA solutions.

Please reference section 1.1 EMR Project Overview (pages 11-12):

"The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is seeking proposals to provide technical and professional services for the implementation of an Electronic Medical Record System ("EMR") based upon a solution/derivative of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VA VistA) software..."

1/12/2012: Update (to arrange for travel accommodations)

The Pre-Bidders Conference will take place on the following dates and times:

Monday, February 6, 2012 (8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)
Tuesday, February 7, 2012 (8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.)

Please allow sufficient arrival time for parking and building security sign in. OMH has a free outdoor parking lot with some visitor spaces. Please bring photo identification and License Plate number.

12/21/2011 - The OMH did not engage in a Request for Information (RFI) for this VistA based EMR RFP.

The following updates have been made to the EMR RFP main document since it was first released on Friday, December 16th:

  • Page 40: The hyperlink to "8.2.2 Performance Standards" has been updated to reflect this paragraph's new location in the document to " Performance Standards"
  • Page 7: The following sentence has been removed: "The following external exhibits are located on the OMH EMR RFP website at the following URL:" and replaced with this text: "To view or download these exhibits, please <ctrl + click> the hyperlinked exhibit name."

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