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Office of Mental Health

Supported Housing For Adults With Serious Mental Illness
Who Are OMH Psychiatric Center Long Term Stayers – Long Island
Request for Proposal

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) announces this request for proposal (RFP) for the development and operation of up to 50 units of Supported Housing for persons residing in OMH psychiatric centers (PC) or OMH transitional housing programs serving Nassau and Suffolk County residents. These are individuals with serious mental illness who have resided in an OMH psychiatric center and/or OMH transitional housing program for one year or longer. If a PC has no other individuals on their inpatient list who can be discharged who meet the Long Stay criteria of one year, they can use the designated Long Stay units to facilitate the discharge of individuals who have been in the PC for at least six months and are in danger of becoming Long Stay. All housing will be sited in Nassau and/or Suffolk County.

Request For Proposal (PDF)

Appendix A: Agency Transmittal Form (PDF)

Appendix B: Budget Form (PDF)

Appendix B1: Budget Narrative (PDF)

Appendix C: Direct Contract Forms and Instructions (PDF)

Appendix D: Criteria for Determining Serious and Persistent Mental Illness

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