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Office of Mental Health

Supported Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness
Questions and Answers - Manhattan

  1. Do we have to rank all of the groups or only the groups we are in a position to accept? We received new beds in 2010 and 2011. This lowers our overall occupancy level. How will this be taken into consideration in review of our agency history?

    The Manhattan Request for Proposal (RFP) targets individuals who are current residents of Manhattan Psychiatric Center or are NYC residents at Rockland Psychiatric Center. Yes, when reviewing occupancy levels, the Office of Mental Health (OMH) will consider recent housing awards. Agencies are advised to note reasons for vacant units in the proposal.

  2. Please tell me for the Manhattan Supported Housing (SH) RFP whether there is any limitation as to how many SH apartments may be co-located in any one building?

    Supported Housing with more than 14 units at a single site and others upon the request of OMH requires Community Board notification. OMH will work with agencies to evaluate buildings to determine if Community Board notification is needed.

  3. May NY/NY I and II funded residences be used for backfills in conjunction with this RFP?

    The ability of an agency to use NY/NY I or II housing for placement [backfill] under this initiative is predicated on the number of consumers from MPC or RPC who are NY/NY I or II eligible. Currently only a very small percentage of Manhattan Psychiatric Center (MPC)/Rockland Psychiatric Center (RPC) consumers are in NY/NY I and II housing for placement purposes. If an applicant proposes to use its existing housing for placement, it must ensure that there are not eligibility requirements of that housing that would preclude an admission from MPC/RPC.

  4. Approximately what proportion of the OMH Psychiatric Center (PC) Long Term Stayers will be coming from OMH transitional residences?

    A large portion of the referrals will be coming from the Transitional Living Residence (TLR). These are individuals who are already living in the community. For MPC, it is estimated that 90% of the referrals will come from the TLR and 10% from inpatient. For RPC it is 50% from TLR and 50% from inpatient.

  5. Can an applicant backfill in other boroughs with these Manhattan referrals?

    Yes, an agency can use housing it has in other boroughs to place MPC and RPC consumers through this initiative. The agency should explain in its proposal specifically which housing it intends to use. Include the type of housing and location.