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Office of Mental Health

NYC Crisis Respite for Children and Adolescents
Submitted Questions and Answers

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  1. Q. I would like to know if the NYS Office of Mental Health would consider awarding funding to provide Crisis and Respite services to children and adolescents to a non-profit organization with extensive experience delivering therapeutic, educational, and residential services to youth with serious emotional disturbances that is currently licensed by New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), but not OMH.

    A. No. Per the RFP: Eligible bidders are OMH licensed children's providers serving children and adolescents who are in good standing with OMH and not in Tier III Licensing status or equivalent status during the procurement process.

  2. Q. Can beds be in a congregate care setting? If yes, can that setting be Administration of Children's Services (ACS) licensed, or are there any issues surrounding that?

    A. Beds can be in an OMH licensed congregate setting but must be in addition to already funded capacity - i.e. 9th bed in an 8 bed children's community residence. Beds cannot be in licensed ACS settings including foster homes.

  3. Q. May a respite bed be in the home of a licensed foster parent, if no foster care child is currently placed? If a foster care child is in the home concurrently?

    A. As per RFP beds must provide capacity over and above housing resources already funded. Licensed foster parents cannot be utilized if they are currently participating in a foster care program whether or not they have a child placed in the home.

  4. Q. What are requirements/regulations around home certification?

    A. Regulations are in New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Part 594.

  5. Q. What are requirements around documentation?

    A. Documentation requirements are those listed in NYCRR Part 594.10 (b), (1), (2), (3), (4), (5). In addition daily progress notes pertaining to service plan implementation.

  6. Q. Can a home have more than one child in respite if two beds are available (and it is clinically appropriate)?

    A. A home may have up to two respite beds but their concurrent use would need to be clinically appropriate.

  7. Q. What is your expectation of capacity by borough?

    A. The applicant needs to propose capacity based on total budget.

  8. Q. How will payment be allocated by across boroughs?

    A. Bidder's are required to submit budgets by borough. Payment will be allocated according to the budgets submitted.

  9. Q. Will payment be contract or utilization based?

    A. Payment will be contract based and will be made in four quarterly advance payments. There will be an end of year reconciliation process utilizing OMH's Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) system.

  10. Q. What is the auditing and re-certification process?

    A. Programs must submit monthly referral tracking reports and semi-annual program narratives. Site visits will be conducted annually to review charts and bed sites to insure compliance with NYCRR part 594 and Life Safety Code chapter 21.

  11. Q. Will the contracted agency have discretion in screening and admission?

    A. The contracted agency will have discretion in screening and admission.

  12. Q. What is your expectation of per capital cost?

    A. Per capital cost will be determined by applicant's program design and total contract amount.

  13. Q. What assessments & documentation should we expect from the referring agency?

    A. Assessments for referral purposes should include at minimum:

    1. medical clearance or physical exam - most recent possible - including medications
    2. psychosocial including reasons for respite request
    3. psychiatric within past year if available
    4. consent for respite admission signed by legal guardian

  14. Q. "Evaluation" and "assessment" are terms that are used in the RFP. What are the expectations for that, and what is entailed in those evaluations regarding level of detail, etc.?

    A. Applicant needs to describe what program will offer in terms of assessment and evaluation

  15. Q. Do parents have the right to state preferences/screen those placed with them?

    A. Family home providers will be able to identify youth they are best suited to serve but must be flexible based on need of referral sources.

  16. Q. If we propose to serve all five boroughs, but do not have homes in every borough at the time of submission, will we be able to phase in these homes over the course of a few months?

    A. Applicant may phase in homes - RFP needs to include timeline for implementation.

  17. Q. Are there a minimum number of youth/families we would be expected to serve if we propose to serve all five boroughs?

    A. The applicant needs to propose a minimum number of youth/family served based on total contract amount and program design.

  18. Q. Regarding the service of providing, "mobile capacity to assess, evaluate, and provide crisis stabilization" (page 12), what staff is OMH requiring be a part of this? Would this require a Medical Doctor (MD)?

    A. The applicant needs to develop appropriate staffing plan. MD is not required.

  19. Q. Is there an estimate cost per participant that should be used to develop the budget?

    A. Applicant needs to propose costs based on total budget and program design.