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Office of Mental Health

Request for Proposals (RFP) for IV&V for EMR Implementation

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) seeks a Contractor to provide Independent Validation and Verification including project management support, quality control and assurance, oversight, and risk mitigation for the OMH's mission-critical Electronic Medical Records Project (EMR). The primary focus of the Contractor is to ensure that the products developed and processes employed by the EMR Project meet specified requirements and standards, and are consistent with the project plans.

Request For Proposal PDF Document (1mb)

The most recent change/update is below. See past changes/updates.

1/4/13 Update:

The OMH thanks you for your interest in the above referenced solicitation. The NYS Office of Information Technology has revised its mandate and no longer requires the OMH to obtain an IV&V consulting contract for our pending EMR project. OMH will not be rebidding for IV&V services.

5/21/2012 Update:

The answers to questions concerning the IV&V for EMR RFP are posted. Excell Document (23kb)

To permit potential bidders to fill in IV&V for EMR RFP forms electronically, a copy of the RFP is provided in Microsoft Word format. Word Document (736kb)

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Issuing Officer for this RFP.