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Office of Mental Health

Request for Proposals (RFP) for IV&V for EMR Implementation

5/10/2012 Update:

The OMH is extending the deadline for submitting questions about the IV&V for EMR RFP until Monday, May 14th at 5:00 p.m. EST. While we have received (and will respond to) questions that have already been submitted through Survey Monkey thus far, we are discontinuing that method of submission. Please use the hyperlink provided on the Issuing Officer for this RFP link below to submit questions from now until the new question submission deadline.

5/4/2012 Update:

Questions concerning the IV&V for EMR RFP can be submitted via an online survey Leaving OMH site until Thursday, May 10th, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

5/1/2012 Update:

Pre-Bid Conference Call

The OMH has scheduled the time for the Pre-Bid Conference Call on 5/7/12 for 11:00 AM EST. The number to dial-in will be (866)-394-2346 with Conference Code 7814935929. The OMH has created a Pre-Bid Conference Call Registration form (11kb). The OMH would appreciate the return of this form by 5/4/12 at 3pm.

The OMH encourages potential bidders to call in, but this Pre-Bid Conference Call is not mandatory.

4/27/2012 Update:

The OMH has made the following corrections and updates to the IV&V for EMR RFP. The updated document is provided here:

  • On page 1, the URL for the IV&V for EMR RFP web page has been corrected to:
  • On page 1, the "Bid Submission or No Bid Reply Form Due Date" has been updated with the time ("3:00 p.m. EST") that the IV&V for EMR Bids are due on Friday, June 15th, 2012.
  • On page 28, the date ("Thursday, 5/10/12") for the "Final Receipt of Questions from Potential Bidders" has been updated with the time ("5:00 p.m. EST") of the deadline for Bidders to submit questions about the IV&V for EMR RFP.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Issuing Officer for this RFP.