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Office of Mental Health

Supported Housing Brooklyn Medicaid Redesign Initiative
Questions and Answers

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Question #1: Can backfill beds be used in community residence (CR) beds in a borough other than Brooklyn?

Answer: Since the individuals targeted under this initiative will be enrolled in one of the four Health Homes serving Kings County and receive care coordination from that Health Home, the Community Residence must also be in Kings County. Agencies without a continuum of housing in Kings County may partner with another OMH licensed provider in Kings County.

Question #2: Can a copy of the fully executed agency/health home contract be submitted as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the agency and health home?

Answer: Yes, a copy of the fully executed contract may be submitted in lieu of an MOU between the agency and the health home.

Question #3: Is back-filling into non-OMH single-site supportive housing (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) funded) programs acceptable? We have several large supportive housing buildings in Brooklyn/Queens which could accommodate clients who need on-site support (permanent housing).

Answer: Given that OMH will be tracking the Medicaid expenditures of the individuals placed through this housing initiative, the housing they are placed in must be monitored or licensed by OMH. Since OMH does not monitor DOHMH housing, backfill with DOHMH housing will not be allowed.

Question #4: In addition to Brooklyn Community Residences, can Manhattan Community Residences be used to backfill the beds for this initiative?

Answer: See Answer provided in Question 1

Question #5: What is the minimum number of beds that an Agency can apply to this RFP?

Answer: There is no minimum number of beds for which an agency can apply.

Question #6: Is there a start-up capital allocated to this RFP?

Answer: No additional funds will be allocated for start up costs; it is expected that, on average, the first three months of the per unit rent stipend allocation will be used for startup costs and then the unit will be occupied.

Question #7: What are the contacts in Brooklyn for Health Homes?

Answer: A list of designated Health Homes is available on the NYS Department of Health Leaving OMH site website.

Question #8: Do you have a sample MOU for the Health Homes?

Answer: OMH does not have a sample MOU for the Health Homes. Proof of a collaborative agreement or proof the applicant is a network member of the established Health Home(s) can be submitted with the proposal.

Question #9: We currently obtain referrals from Single Point of Access (SPOA). Will we be getting referrals from SPOA or the Health Home or the psychiatric center or a combination?

Answer: Specific details of the referral process are being developed and will be shared with the agencies that are awarded the beds.

Question #10: Are there qualitative differences in terms of diagnoses between high use Medicaid clients and Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI)?

Answer: According to the New York State Department of Health, High Cost Medicaid service clients face social instability, a lack of services management; a lack of Behavioral Health and Physical Health Care Coordination and are diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses, including a serious mental illness.

Question #11: In 6b1, do you mean supported housing or scatter-site housing?

Answer: 6b1 refers to individuals who move directly into scattered-site supported housing.

Question #12: After placement into housing, is the consumer trained initially and on an ongoing basis for independent living by the contact agency; or, only initially and then handed off to the Health Home for ongoing independent living skills needs?

Answer: Although the individuals targeted under this initiative will be enrolled in one of the four Health Homes serving Kings County and receive care coordination from that Health Home, it is expected that these individuals will be continually served on an on-going basis by the contract agency until the individuals is no longer in need of this housing or the housing no longer meets the individual's needs or desires.

Question #13: If a Brooklyn consumer referred to a provider requires a higher level of care and the provider has no vacant beds available in Brooklyn, can the provider temporarily move them to a bed in another borough?

Answer: See answer to question #1

Question #14: Can you please clarify who receives first priority for these supported housing (SH) units?

Answer: First priority for the SH units being developed through this RFP must be given to individuals who are inpatients of Kingsboro Psychiatric Center or who reside in housing operated by Kingsboro Psychiatric Center.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Issuing Officer for this RFP.