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Office of Mental Health

Project TEACH (Training and Education for the Advancement of Children’s Health) Regional Providers

The New York State Office of Mental Health announces the availability of funds to extend and expand the work of Project TEACH (Training and Education for the Advancement of Children’s Health). Awardees will be responsible for providing the following services for prescribers who work with children and youth: access to child and adolescent psychiatric consultation, linkage with community-based services, and and local, on-site training.

Request for Proposal

Appendix A: Agency Transmittal Form

Appendix B: Operating Budget Form for Years 1 through 5

Appendix B1: Budget Narrative Form

Appendix C: OMH Master Contract Forms and Instructions

Questions and Answers

Attention: The Letter of Intent is no longer required in order to submit a proposal for the Project TEACH RFP. All other deadlines in the proposal remain the same, with a proposal due date of July 15, 2015.

Please share this information with all who may be interested. Thank you.

Attention (7/3/15):  Appendix A,  Agency Transmittal Form incorrectly states that the narrative is limited to no more than 20 pages.  It should say 25 pages.  Also, The Appendix B, Budget Form has been corrected to allow for writable fill-in in the “Other” section.   

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Issuing Officer for this RFP.