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Office of Mental Health

Geriatric Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)

The purpose of the Request for Proposal(RFP) is to provide technical assistance to support and improve the service delivery of demonstration programs awarded through the Partnership Innovation for Older Adults RFP. These programs will be creating a local “triple partnership” of mental health, substance use disorder, and aging services providers to innovatively identify and serve older adults with unmet needs for these services.


A non-binding Letter of Intent is required. The letter must be postmarked or emailed by 9/20/16 (details in Section 2, 2.1 of the RFP).

Update September 30, 2016: Please be advised that a revision is being made to Section 4.2/Proposal Evaluation to account for instances of a tie in score. In case of a tie in the scoring process, the proposal with the highest score on the Technical Assistance section will be ranked higher.

Posted – Monday, October 03, 2016

Please be advised that there was an error in “Section 4.1/Criteria”. In the Technical Evaluation rubric, it was stated that the proposals would be evaluated on Reporting & Accountability, with a score of a total of 10 points. This is incorrect, there is no Proposal Component (“Section 5.3/Requirements for Submission” that required the proposal include any detail, response, information, data, etc. for Reporting & Accountability.

The evaluation and scoring will be as follows:

Qualifications – 20 points
Content Areas – 30 points
Technical Assistance – 30 points
Cost Evaluation – 20 points