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Office of Mental Health

Scattered-Site Supportive Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness Bronx

The New York State Office of Mental Health announces this Request for Proposals (RFP) for the operation of a Scattered-Site Supportive Housing Programs currently operated by New Era Veterans (NEV) which includes 20 scattered site units in the Bronx approved under the NY NY II initiative. The housing units target homeless veterans who have a serious mental illness and/or a co-occurring disorder of mental illness and substance abuse.

Request for Proposals

Appendix A: Transmittal Form

Appendix B: Operating Budget

Appendix B1: Budget Narrative

Appendix C: Direct Contract Form

Appendix D, Criteria for Determining Serious Mental Illness

Questions and Answers

Attention: Update October 26, 2016

RFP Extension for Application Submission for the Scattered Site Supportive Housing for Adults with Serious Mental Illness – Bronx2 (OMH01-SHBro2-2016)

To make for a fix to Question 2A and now allow for an upload, the period for application submission for the Scattered Site Supportive Housing Bronx will be extended to accept applications from October 26, 2016 to October 31, 2016 at 4:30 pm.

Please note: Anyone who needs more than the allotted 4000 characters on questions 2A of the Program Specific Questions will need to upload the response to the Grantee Document Folder.

Applications previously received on or before 4:30 October 26, 2016 may be modified and resubmitted or left as originally submitted. An applicant may elect to resubmit their proposals with revisions to replace the proposal previously submitted and currently under review. If an applicant chooses to resubmit, the applicant must contact Ms. Carol Swiderski to regain access to their previously submitted application in the Grants Gateway. In the Grants Gateway, under Project/Site Addresses, Name Description, please indicate that it is a resubmission of a previously submitted application. If no changes to the existing previously submitted application are desired, No Action should be taken or is required by these applicants. All previously submitted application(s) received by OMH on or before October 26, 2016 will remain in applicant review unless modified and resubmitted.

New applications (i.e., those not previously submitted in any form in response to OMH01-SHBro2-2016 may be submitted during this 4 business day extension (10/27/2016- 10/31/2016).

Please note: All applicants are required to submit a letter of intent. All applications must also be submitted via the on-line NYS Grants Gateway system, no applications will be accepted in person, or via e-mail.

Posted Date: September 29, 2016: Please be advised that in Section 2.10/Instructions for Bid Submission and Required Format, there are edits that were made to some of the Grants Gateway links and phone numbers, to request assistance if needed.

Update: September 30, 2016: Due to the volume of response on the RFPs, we will be waiving the Letter of Intent requirement as stated in Section 2.1

Update – October 28, 2016: Please be advised that in case of a tie in the scoring process, the proposal with the highest total score on the Proposal Narrative Section (40 points) will be ranked higher.