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Office of Mental Health

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Needs Assessments by DSRIP Region
New York State Office of Mental Health ─ December 2016

This NYSOMH needs assessment describes mental health and substance use disorder resources, service utilization, barriers to care and unmet needs in each NYS DSRIP region by county. Comparisons are made across counties and DSRIP regions. The data included are intended to enable behavioral health care providers, planners and others to identify service gaps and disparities and plan for improved service delivery.

Complete NYS DSRIP Regions Needs Assessment

In this document, each DSRIP region needs assessment is presented as a separate chapter that includes the following sections:

Section I. Description of Communities to Be Served
Section II. Physical and Behavioral Health Care Resources
Section III. Health Status
Section IV. Behavioral Health Care Utilization
Section V. Unmet Service Needs
Section VI. Provider, Consumer and Family/Caregiver Input (Except Mohawk Valley and Southern Tier)

Individual DSRIP Region Needs Assessments

Table of Contents
Introduction, Methodology, and Data Sources and Limitations

Chapter One. Adirondacks DSRIP Region
Chapter Two. Capital DSRIP Region
Chapter Three. Central DSRIP Region
Chapter Four. Finger Lakes DSRIP Region
Chapter Five. Long Island DSRIP Region
Chapter Six. Mid-Hudson DSRIP Region
Chapter Seven. Mohawk Valley DSRIP Region
Chapter Eight. New York City DSRIP Region
Chapter Nine. Southern Tier DSRIP Region
Chapter Ten. Tug Hill Seaway DSRIP Region
Chapter Eleven. Western NY DSRIP Region

Appendix I. Data Sources
Appendix II. DSRIP Region Tables
Appendix III. Glossary
Appendix IV. Consumer and Provider Input Instruments


This needs assessment was originally developed for NYSOMH’s Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) demonstration project grant application to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The New York CCBHC application was approved in December 2016.Leaving OMH site The CCBHC two-year demonstration program is designed to improve behavioral health services in participating NYS communities. This demonstration is part of a comprehensive effort to integrate behavioral health with physical health care, increase consistent use of evidence-based practices, and improve access to high quality care for people with mental and substance use disorders.

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