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Office of Mental Health

Hudson River Region Reinvestment and Planning Progress

OMH has made funding available for the counties served by Capital District Psychiatric Center, Rockland Psychiatric Center and Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center in an annualized amount of $9.2 million. Pre-investment resources will support services in several programmatic areas including Supported Housing, HCBS waiver, State-operated community service expansion, and Aid to Localities funds. The geographic and programmatic specifications for the services funded in this region that are listed below were determined through ongoing consultation with community stakeholders, including the LGUs.

In addition to these Transformation Plan services, OMH and the New York State Department of Health are funding the following services with $4.6 million in reinvestment funds associated with inpatient psychiatric reductions at the Stony Lodge Children’s Psychiatric Hospital and the intermediate care Hospital at Rye.

Other Regional Reinvestment Plans:

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