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Office of Mental Health

Rochester Psychiatric Center
Community Services

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Outpatient Mental Health Services:

Steve Schwarzkopf Community Mental Health Center (SSCMHC)

The Steve Schwarzkopf Community Mental Health Center provides effective, innovative, evidence-based treatment and services to underserved individuals challenged with serious and persistent mental illness.

The center strives to form a collaborative relationship with individuals by using a person-centered, strengths based approach. The SSCMHC focuses on working with individuals who have experienced difficulties with connecting to traditional mental health services in areas including:

Recovery plans that address personal recovery goals

Outreach connections with support groups in the community

Individual and Family education related to symptom recognition

Relapse prevention

Spiritual and Cultural literacy

Vocational and Community Supports

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Social Skills

Smoking Cessation Support

Physical and Pharmacological Support

SSCMHC Client Handbook (PDF)

Prepaid Mental Health Plan (PMHP)

The Rochester Psychiatric Center's Prepaid Mental Health Plan has a primary function of offering a continuum of Mental Health services to people usually 65 and older, discharged from Rochester Psychiatric Center. The PMHP is a program designed to enhance the transition of individuals leaving Rochester Psychiatric Center and moving into community settings, most often but not limited to skilled nursing facilities or adult proprietary homes. Services will be provided in a Person Center Approach and participants at all times will be treated in a dignified and respectful manner. The PMHP goal is to enhance the lives of individuals discharged from Rochester Psychiatric Center through case management and supportive services. Participation in PMHP is voluntary and is limited to Office of Mental Health outpatients who receive SSI benefits and Medicaid. Eligibility starts usually at age 65.

The ultimate goal of PMHP is to provide needed services to a specific population in order to promote the highest quality of care while living in community settings. This goal is accomplished through the support of Personal Service Coordinators and the monitoring and consultation of assigned Psychiatrists and/or Nurse Practitioners.

Adult Residential Services:

Alternate Living Residence (ALR)

The Alternate Living Residence is a co-ed outpatient residential program located on the grounds of Rochester Psychiatric Center at 1111 Elmwood Avenue in Rochester, NY. It is designed to provide short-term (21 days) 24 hour residential support to adult mental health consumers who are experiencing a situational crisis. In addition, the ALR can also provide respite services for those who require a brief time away from their current community based living setting. The individual must currently be receiving mental health treatment in the community and referrals are typically initiated by the primary mental health therapist. The individual is expected to be psychiatrically stable, able to perform self care tasks, take medications independently and attend all scheduled community based appointments while at ALR. The ALR is staffed 24 hours a day. The staff provides support and will assist the individual in working with their community supports to strengthen their connections with medical, psychiatric, social and cultural linkages that facilitate his or her successful return to community living.

ALR Handbook (PDF)

John Romano Community Residence (JRCR)

The John Romano Community Residence is a 12 bed co-ed State Operated Community Residence located on the Rochester Psychiatric Center grounds. The majority of individuals referred come from Rochester Psychiatric Center and often benefit from the level of support the JRCR can provide. There is no minimum length of stay and all admissions are on a voluntary basis; the maximum stay is 24 months. Residents work to build skills that will enable them to live in a more independent setting. While group activities are scheduled weekly, residents are encouraged to reconnect to the community and natural supports. It is an expectation that all residents participate in activities which will promote recovery.

John Romano Community Residence Handbook (PDF)

Elmwood Transitional Residence (ETR)

The Elmwood Transitional Residence is also a State Operated Community Residence located on the grounds of the Rochester Psychiatric Center. It is a 24-hour, 7 days a week program providing residential and transitional services. The program is designed to provide rehabilitative services to outpatients who need additional help to prepare for living in a more independent setting. The residents have been discharged from an inpatient psychiatric hospital (frequently Rochester Psychiatric Center) and are clinically followed by community mental health centers. The length of stay is designed to be person centered, with most residents leaving within six to twelve months.

Elmwood Tr Handbook (PDF)

Family Care Program (FC)

Family Care is a residential service which provides a home for individuals who are recovering from mental illness. This program is designed to offer supervised and supported community living within private family settings. Residents receive the kind of support, guidance and companionship that naturally occurs in families and communities.

The Family Care Program is sponsored through Rochester Psychiatric Center and consists of Community Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers and Rehabilitation Specialists who fill the roles of Family Care Specialists. The Family Care Specialist is responsible for overseeing the Family Care home, which includes 1) meeting with both resident and provider on a monthly basis to monitor medications and general well being 2) ensuring each residents needs are met both medically and psychiatrically 3) ensuring the FC Provider maintains training requirements.

The Family Care Program serves a five county area which include Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming counties. In each of these areas there are people within those communities who have become certified by the Office of Mental Health and the Family Care Program to care and assist for residents within their homes. The provider's most important requirements are to provide understanding, patience and security to those individuals in their home recovering from mental illness.

Family Care Program Handbook (PDF)

Vocational Services:

We offer an array of services including but not limited to: career planning, resume preparation, interview skills practice, benefits planning, educational resources, job search, connection to community resources related to vocational goals, person centered planning , topic specific workshops and long-term supports. An essential component of this service is ongoing support after hire provided in the form of vocational counseling, problem solving, employer intervention, and other supports defined/ requested by the consumers.

For further information regarding any of these programs, please call (585) 241-1200.

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