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Office of Mental Health

Statistics and Reports

Archived Statistics and Reports

Online Access to OMH Statistical Data

Adult Housing – Residential Program Indicators (RPI) is a performance measurement reporting tool for adult housing programs in New York State. Users can evaluate agency residential programs based on county, regional, and statewide averages.

Assertive Community Treatment Reports - Up-to-date statistical data on program operations, the demographic and diagnostic characteristics of ACT recipients, and recipient outcomes

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Reports - Up-to-date statistical data on AOT program operations, the demographic and diagnostic characteristics of AOT recipients, and outcomes for AOT recipients.

The Children, Teens and Families Indicators Portal - Includes provider level dynamic reports using information that providers report into CAIRS, and information that youth and families submit to OMH through the NYS OMH Youth and Family Assessment of Care surveys.

The Consumer Assessment of Care Survey (CACS) - Reports data collected annually from adults in state-operated outpatient, non-residential programs. These reports provide an assessment of consumer perceptions of various dimensions of care and quality of life.

County Profiles Portal – Consolidated, at-a-glance, and comparative views of key county community characteristics, mental health services expenditures, and outcomes. The Portal enables users to identify service gaps and disparities and plan improved service delivery.

NYS DSRIP Region and County Behavioral Health Planning Data - Data intended for providers, researchers and others to better understand behavioral health care resources, planning efforts, and needs in New York State’s communities.

The New York Employment Services System (NYESS) Leaving OMH site - Single point of access for all New Yorkers seeking employment and employment supports, regardless of an individual’s abilities or disabilities.

Patient Characteristics Survey (PCS) Portal - Provides a comprehensive one–week "snapshot" of the population served by New York State's public mental health system. View demographic, clinical, and social characteristics for each person who receives a mental health service during the specified one–week period using the dynamic Portal Summary or Planning Reports.

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OMH Report Documents

2016-2020 Statewide Comprehensive Plan PDF Document – Also known as the “5.07 Plan” (after section 5.07 of NYS mental hygiene law), the 2016-2020 Comprehensive Plan includes a review of consumers, services and programs, and gross expenditures within the New York State public mental health system.

2016 Annual Representative Report - This report is provided pursuant to Section 33.07 (i) of the Mental Hygiene Law (MHL) which requires the submission of an annual report by the Office of Mental Health (OMH) detailing the handling of funds received by a facility director as representative payee for approximately 2,600 individuals.

Annual Report on the Implementation of Mental Hygiene Law Article 10 * PDF Document –Mental Hygiene Law Article 10, effective in April 2007, was enacted as part of New York's Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act (SOMTA).

The Children's Plan: Improving the Social and Emotional Well Being of New York's Children and Their Families Leaving OMH site –The Children's Plan engages all New Yorkers in supporting the social and emotional development of children. This includes the promotion of mental health and the treatment of children with emotional disturbance.

Geriatric Mental Health & Chemical Dependence: 2016 Annual Report PDF Document - The Report presents a long-term plan regarding the geriatric and chemical dependence needs of New Yorkers and recommendations to address those needs.

OMH Appendix H- Appendix to Unified Statement Response to SED Report PDF Document - Recommendations & response to the New York State Education Departments Report pursuant to Chapter 57 of the Laws of 2013.

Unmet Needs Assessment ReportPDF Document

The goal of this report is to identify unmet needs in New York State populations at high risk of needing mental health services, including: racial and ethnic minorities, children, rural populations, and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.