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Office of Mental Health

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The OMH Transformation Plan aims to rebalance the agency's institutional resources by further developing and enhancing community-based mental health services throughout New York State. By doing so the Plan will strengthen and broaden the public mental health system to enhance the community safety net; allowing more individuals with mental illness to be supported with high quality, cost effective services within home and community-based settings and avoid costly inpatient psychiatric stays. Beginning with the State fiscal year (SFY) 2014-15 State Budget and continuing through SFY 2015-16, the OMH Transformation Plan “pre-invests” $59 million annualized into priority community services and supports, with the goals of reducing State and community-operated facilities’ inpatient psychiatric admissions and lengths of stay. In addition, $15 million has been reinvested from Article 28 and 31 inpatient facilities to further support the OMH Transformation Plan.

At the State level, the upcoming carve-in of most Medicaid beneficiaries into managed care, the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, and the Prevention Agenda 2013-18 are timely and direct drivers of reform to the State and community-based systems of care. Together these initiatives will further coordinate care across clinical modalities and levels of government by developing an integrated, recovery-centered service delivery system designed to improve patient care and population health—the means to achieve the "Triple Aim" of better care, better health and better lives for those whom we serve — at lower costs.

Regional Reinvestment Plans

With the passage of the SFY 2014-15 budget, planning for pre-investment funding with inpatient bed reductions began in all areas of the State: Western New York, the Rochester area, the Southern Tier, the North Country, the Syracuse area, the Hudson River region, New York City, and Long Island. Local government units, OMH Field Offices, and State-operated psychiatric center directors are working collaboratively to operationalize the goals of a broad set of community stakeholders who participated in regional advisory bodies which met through the summer and fall of 2013. The goals of the regional advisory bodies focused on the following resources: Supported Housing, Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver, State-operated community enhancements, and Aid to Localities funding—in addition to overall systemic reforms required to most effectively use these resources. SFY 2014-15 and 2015-16 allocations of these resources by State-operated facility service area are presented below in the most recent Monthly Report.

Transformation Map

OMH Transformation Plan Status Reports

The Office of Mental Health issues monthly and annual reports that include State Psychiatric Center (PC) descriptive metrics; descriptions and status of community service investments; and psychiatric readmissions rates to hospitals and emergency rooms for State PC, Article 28, and Article 31 hospital discharges.

The 2015 Year-End Report posted below outlines the progress and impacts of investments through calendar year 2015.

2016 Year-End Report *

For the most current data available, the last issued monthly report is also posted on this page.

August 2017 Monthly Report *

* If you are having accessibility issues with the previous documents, please contact the Office of Diversity Management, or call (518) 473-4144.