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Office of Mental Health

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Project Type Definitions

Please refer to Title 14 of the NYS Codes, Rules and Regulations to obtain more specific program definitions/information.

  • Capital project - acquisition, construction, substantial renovation, or alteration of a building or property that is used, or will be used, by an existing or proposed program. A capital project does not include routine maintenance or minor repairs.
  • Cert of Incorp/Amend - approval of a certificate of incorporation or amendment pursuant to section 551.6(e)(2-3)
  • Change in population - significant change in the primary population served by the licensed program or by a discrete component of the licensed program
  • Change location - relocation of an existing program
  • Change sponsor - change of sponsor of a program licensed by Office of Mental Health
  • Close - termination or closure of a program or a satellite location
  • Establish new - the development of a new program, including establishment of psychiatric inpatient beds, outpatient programs or residential programs
  • Expand existing - expansion of capacity
  • Other - emergency situation, management contract, transfer of stock, change in terms or condition of licensure, 9.39 waiver
  • Reduce existing - reduction of capacity

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Bureau of Inspection and Certification.