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Office of Mental Health

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Alerts from OMH Medical Director's Office

Bowel Protocol for Adult Patients on Clozapine from the OMH Medical Director's Office (37kb)

Division of Quality Management Alerts

Choking/ Aspiration Alert (3.3mb)

Incident Prevention

Six Core Strategies to Reduce the use of Seclusion and Restraint: A Planning Tool   Leaving OMH site from the National Technical Assistance Center.


New York State Department of State provides free access to all New York State regulations Leaving OMH site OMH's regulations are included in Title 14 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR)

OMH Regulations

OMH 524 Regulations

Other Resources

OMH 524 Regulations and Incident Management Field Guide

Implementation Guidelines:

14 NYCRR §526.4 Restraint and Seclusion