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Office of Mental Health

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Office of Mental Health (OMH) Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) Contacts

Please use the table below to determine the correct number to call.

Subject Contact Contact Information
Completion of the CFR CFR unit See CFR Unit Caseload Table below
Installation and operation of CFRS software ITS Software Support Helpdesk

Telephone: 1-800-HELPNYS
Select: Option 2

For Office of Mental Health programs, questions on completion of the CFR core schedules (schedules CFR -1 through CFR-6 and DMH-1) and OMH supplemental schedules (schedules OMH-1 through OMH-4) should be directed to the OMH CFR Unit. Analyst caseloads in this unit are assigned alphabetically by agency name

First Letter
of Agency
OMH CFR Unit Analyst
Assigned to Agency
A Latisha Loncke (518) 473-8668
B Lisa Vickery (518) 486-6719
C Michelle Chilinski (518) 486-6512
D - F Latisha Loncke (518) 473-8668
G - I Lisa Vickery (518) 486-6719
J Michelle Chilinski (518) 486-6512
K - L Lisa Vickery (518) 486-6719
M - O Michelle Chilinski (518) 486-6512
P - R Lisa Vickery (518) 486-6719
S - Z Latisha Loncke (518) 473-8668

For questions on your state aid claim, please contact OMH Contracts & Claims at (518) 473-7885.

If your agency also receives funding from other state agencies, please refer to Section 8.0 of the CFR Manual for contact information.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the OMH CFR Unit.