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Office of Mental Health

Value Based Payment Readiness for Behavioral Health Providers

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) and Office for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) announce the NYS Behavioral Health (BH) Value Based Payment (VBP) Readiness Program.

The program will fund BH providers to come together in Behavioral Health Care Collaboratives (BHCC). Funding will be available for planning and implementation, to support the development of shared infrastructure. BHCCs will share clinical quality standards, data collection, analytics, and reporting, to improve care quality and enhance their value in VBP arrangements.

Community-based (non-hospital) Article 31, Article 32, and designated HCBS providers may be direct beneficiaries of the funds, although applications that include hospitals, PCPs, and non-Medicaid-billing human and social service organizations as affiliates will generally be considered as stronger applications.

Funding will be made available through designated Medicaid Managed Care Organization(s) across New York State. Selected MCO(s) will facilitate payment to a lead agency for the BHCC, upon submission and approval of deliverables.

The State has concluded a review of the submitted Notifications of Interest for the NYS BH VBP Readiness Program. Only Eligible Lead Agencies Excell Document will receive the application submission guidelines on September 15th, 2017. Agencies interested in joining a Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (BHCC) should outreach the Lead agencies in your region serving the same managed care enrolled individuals. Contact information was provided by proposed leads. If there is a problem, please contact the VBP-Readiness mailbox.

Applicants must complete the VBP BHCC Application to be considered. Application submission does not guarantee funding. Funding will be contingent on a complete application meeting the program requirements. The state strongly encourages, but is not requiring, smaller networks to collaborate and submit a single application.

Please contact VBP Readiness with questions or to provide feedback on the program.

Application: NYS BH VBP Readiness Program
Due: November 10, 2017

Only lead agencies which have submitted a Notification of Interest are eligible to complete an application. All application documents below must be completed and submitted in the format supplied:
  • BH VBP BHCC PDF Fillable Application Form PDF Document
  • BHCC Member Submission Excel Template Excell Document
  • Lead Agency Attestation PDF Document
  • Network – Affiliate Attestations for each BHCC Network and Affiliate partner PDF Document
  • Please submit all application documents to the VBP Readiness mailbox with “(name of lead agency) BH VBP Application” in the subject line.

    NYS VBP Readiness Program Documents

    Applicants Webinar PowerPoint PDF Document

    Eligible Lead Agencies Excell Document

    Notification of Interest Form PDF Document

    BHCC Member Submission Template Excell Document

    NYS Counties by RPC Region - List PDF Document| Map PDF Document

    Draft Policy Paper PDF Document

    Clarification on BHCC Submission Template and Snapshot Calculation PDF Document